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Type of Renovation :

Total renovation - Partial renovation 

Total surface of your property  m2 

Apartment - House  - Other  (Please specify)


Surface of the area to be painted or wallpaper   m2 

Repairing the ceilings   - Walls 

Ceiling height  m

Masonry :

Removing non-load bearing walls   m2

Demolishing  the false ceiling   m2

Removing door unit - Number 

Removing the floor tiles in kitchen and restoring /leveling the floor with appropriate fillings   m2 

Removing the floor tiles in bathrooms and restoring /leveling the floor with appropriate fillings   m2 

Removing kitchen wall tiles m2 

Removing wall tile bathroom  m2 

Laying floor tiles in kitchen-Surface   m2 

Laying wall tiles in kitchen - Surface   m2 

Laying  floor tiles in bathroom - Surface   m2 

Laying wall tiles in bathroom - Surface   m2 

Replacement windows - Number 

Creating a wall with plaster blocks   m2 

Creating a false ceiling   m2

Installation of door unit - Number

Kitchen :

Removing totally Removal Partially

Installation of:

Sink -Dishwasher  -Laundry  -Americain fridge


Number of bathrooms and / or shower room  

Removing totally Removing partially

Installation of:

Bathtub  -Shower  - Italian Shower By Tiles - WC 

Suspended WC - Sink  -Bathroom Vanity -Laundry 


Repair of the electric installation : Total  - Partial 

Replacement the electric switchboard  

Number of socket outlets 16 A  

Number of socket outlets for kitchen appliances 20/32 A  

Number of phone jacks 

Number of TV outlets 

Number of light points controlled by single switch 

Number of light points controlled by 2way switches 

Floors (except kitchen and bathroom):

Removing floor tiles and restoring   m2 

Removing parquet / floating and restoring   m2 

Removing carpet / lino and restoring   m2 

Removing traditional parquet and implemen tation of a lightweight cement screed m2

Production of a screed of 4 cm thick m2

Production of a lighter tread than 4 cm thick m2

Laying of floor tiles - Surface m2

Installation of floating parquet- Surface  m2 

Nailed parquet - Surface  m2 

Glued parquet - Surface   m2 

Verification of the existing parquet - Surface  m2

Laying carpets - Surface  m2 

Installing lino - Surface   m2 

Heating - Hot water production:

1) Install electric heating:

Installing a hot water tank 

Installing coil - Number 

2) Installing central heating:  

Installation of a boiler 

Installation of radiators - Number


Other work:

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