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Egr rénovations

Remodeling, Renovation, Decoration apartment or house in Paris

Remodeling house Paris

EGR renovation is the premier renovation company based in Paris with more than 10 years of experience and a team of construction professionals, and top-rated designers who are committed to creating the home of your dream.

EGR renovation is also proudly certified Qualibat, due to the quality of realizing your projects whilst respecting all required standards and norms.

We offer personalized services and innovation design solutions by consulting with you on everything in order to achieve excellent detailed work in short period of time possible

Egr Renovation offers you the following property developments: Renovation, constructions, decorations and relooking of your property with their online, free of charge quote.

Given our direct collaborations with real estates and financial institutions concerning advantageous offers to our clients, we will help you to obtain necessary fund for realizing your projects.

We will supervise and manage all different aspects of your project and via our online quote, you will be able to estimate and plan your budget before making your decisions.

You may contact EGR Renovation to get an advice and consult for your construction projects and/or interior design remodeling. We can also put you in contact with high profile architects and designers for offering customized designed advices.

Egr Renovation offers you a team of professionals for renovation /improving your home comfort. Our mission is also aligned with ecological and economical practices necessary for ancient apartments.

We’ll offer you valuable advices for all aspects of your construction and remodeling projects.

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Online Quote:

EGR Renovation offers you a detailed home inspection, which is a must before purchasing your property or any kind of investments. We also provide you with customized quote “free of charge” for your home modeling.

The estimated contract after mutual agreement will be finalized and become a two party agreement for realizing your projects in details specified in the contract. It will also help you to reduce your risks, time and budget planning while understanding reciprocal responsibilities in case of accidents during the construction.

You may contact us or fill out the form online in order to receive your free quote within 62 hours of submitting it.

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Nous sommes à l'écoute de votre projet. Nous vous élaborons des devis quantitatifs et détaillés
Nous vous proposons des solutions adaptées techniquement et financièrement
Le suivi et la direction des travaux. La réception ainsi que la gestion des levées de réserves